At Ashleigh Underwood Design, we believe that every person has the opportunity to live in a beautiful, nourishing space and that within that space our clients create more enriching lives for themselves and their loved ones. In order to create an dynamic and satisfying home, we incorporate the life and experiences of our clients into each design choice, making the final product uniquely representative of our clients. A well done design can alter the life experience of your family, regardless of budget!

So what are some examples of how good design can encourage you to live a better life? Numerous studies exemplify that design enhances your life experience. For example, the use of color can change your mood. Painting your living room a calming color like blue or green creates peace in an otherwise busy space, red can bring energy and excitement to a dark place like an entry hall, and whites in a bathroom create a sense of cleanliness and Zen. Simple changes throughout the house can ripple through the lives lived there! Let us show you how! Contact Us

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