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Interior Designer in Los Angeles, California

Its about a home that is truly yours showing up as uniquely you every day because of luxurious hot baths and laughter around the dinner table and snuggles on the sofa no matter where you live, be it a condo or mansion now you have the home of you dreams thanks to your interior designer & home mentor.

Lighting Designer Los Angeles

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Known for her luxe-eclectic aesthetic—high-impact color, a mix of contemporary and antique European furnishings and fabrics, and an emphasis on unexpected materials Ashleigh brings a unique point of view to each project. Her journeys have taken Ashleigh around the globe and this has influenced her design work in very distinct ways--color, texture, details all have been transformed by what she has seen. With a passion for fashion, art and the humanities and a BA in International Relations she was always been drawn to design. Having decided to follow her instinct ten years ago, Ashleigh began by working initially with Mark Cutler Design and subsequently Amy DeVault Interior Design before starting her own firm just over six years ago. It was also by chance that Ashleigh lived in the same city as one of the best Interior Architecture schools in the nation, UCLA, where she worked on her Masters in Interior Architecture.