How to Avoid Stress While Redoing your Home by Ashleigh Underwood Design

How to Avoid Stress While Redoing your Home

By Jessica Grody |

Interior Design Santa Monica

           Taking the first steps towards a complete home redo can be overwhelming, scary, and frustrating. When you start to think about redoing your home, it feels like there’s a hundred looming questions. How do I know which type of tile to get for my kitchen? What’s the best material for my countertops? Which appliances are going to last the longest and look the best? How do I choose a cohesive color scheme? And most of all, WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? But these questions don’t have to be so scary! With the proper preparation, professional help, and dedication, your redecoration can be turned from a drag to easily in the bag!

           A home is a sacred space - for you, your family, your guests. It’s not as simple as just picking out a nice bedspread or a functioning lamp. A house needs a lot more than that to really be the space you can de-stress and feel at peace. You want guidance on how to make your home really work for you, how to turn it into a perfectly functioning yet stunning space. 

           Start by really thinking through all of the steps you’ll need to take - each renovation is personal, and requires different steps depending on what you’re looking for. Are you focusing only on your kitchen? Just the bedrooms? Or maybe you’re taking on the whole house? Depending on what the scope of your redo is, your budget, goals, and time-investment will change. Create a spreadsheet with budgeting information, distributing appropriate funds to each section of the home. Sit down and think through exactly what you’re looking for. If there’s other people living in your home, make sure you involve them in those discussions -- major changes have to be agreed upon by everyone, or there’s a risk conflicts might come up. Make sure you think through the entire project, start to finish, before breaking ground. 

           But for the things you can’t handle yourself, considering working with an interior designer. A good interior designer will know the steps to take in order to do a proper redo - they can help with budgeting, choices, and communicating with the other professionals on the project. Frustrating parts of the project like facilitating the bathroom tiles or plumbing can be made more accessible with the help of a designer who knows what they’re doing! 

           Finally, make sure you set aside enough time to really dedicate yourself to the renovation. As rewarding as a home redo can be, it definitely takes a lot of time and effort. Think through your available time before committing -- if it’s a particularly busy time, maybe push back the project by a few weeks. Put yourself and your sanity first before getting started. With the proper preparation, help, and time, a home renovation can deeply rewarding and satisfying. Happy re-doing!