How Ashleigh Underwood Helped A Client Design Their Dream Vacation Rental Home

How Ashleigh Underwood Helped A Client Design Their Dream Vacation Rental Home

By Ashleigh Underwood Design |

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At Ashleigh Underwood Design, we provide interior design and decorating solutions to clients in Los Angeles, California, and focus on creating spaces that accurately represent our clients. 

We regularly work with homeowners who need interior renovation services as well as entrepreneurs looking to maximize their real estate investment through our redesign services. While our services offer both comfort and real estate value, every now and then, we come across clients that require us to merge our skills or go above and beyond our range of services.

Keep reading to find out how one such client wanted us to renovate their vacation rental home in a manner that would satisfy their family members as well as entice potential renters.


The Challenge: Interior designing a vacation home for family members and potential renters.

Recently, we worked with a client that wanted to purchase a vacation home to spend holidays with her large family while also rent it to guests when it was not being used. She wanted it to be designed in such a way that it would meet her expectations as well as appeal to guests and stand out as an attractive vacation rental home.


The Solution: Adding personal touches and local elements.

While she was keen on designing it herself, she decided to approach us to help with executing her vision. After we discussed her requirements with her, we began our design process.   

We ended up creating a unique and vibrant home and added a lot of personal touches that reflected her values and interests while making it interesting for potential renters with elements that would attract the type of people visiting her area. We also reviewed the budget and were conscious of elements that may wear out or get damaged early because of the rental traffic. We went one step further and researched online on the rental values in the area. That way, she was excited by her budget because of what she could get in return for the rental cost per night.

Our biggest challenge was the long distance between our offices, the client’s home, and the client’s rental home. Nevertheless, we worked tirelessly with the contractor and the owner to facilitate a smooth and easy renovation. This involved engaging with the contractor regularly over video calls as well as providing daily updates to the client. We kept the client in the dark about minor issues so that she could relax while we dealt with the problems. We created a turn-key project, so when she arrived at her property, she was ready to start her vacation!

We started working on the project once the contractor had completed the demo in February of this year and delivered the completed house in late June. This project included a kitchen renovation, three bathroom renovations, and a completely new layout as well as all modern furnishings, accessories, art, and decorative items.


The Bottom Line

At Ashleigh Underwood Design, we are passionate about taking on new and challenging projects and have the experience and knowledge to meet the diverse design needs of our clients. We provide interior design consultancy, home staging, holiday decorating, architectural consultancy, and full-service interior design. We have also developed a Soul Space mentorship program that enables entrepreneurs, homeowners, and developers to profit on their property.


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