What Makes Ashleigh Underwood Design Stand Out

What Makes Ashleigh Underwood Design Stand Out

By Ashleigh Underwood Design |

Interior Design Santa Monica

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About Ashleigh Underwood Design

I am an interior designer with a difference. I redesign homes to look ravishing and provide mentoring so that I can improve the inner wellbeing of my clients, and ensure that they can tackle life with a newfound perspective.

I have developed a Soul Space mentorship program in Los Angeles, California, which ties in nicely with the other services I provide such as interior design consultancy, home staging, holiday decorating, architectural consultancy, and full-service interior design.

I feel it was my destiny to become a holistic interior designer, as my father was an accomplished engineer and architect, and my mother was a creative wiz and did everything with a natural finesse, from arranging flowers to designing.

The compassion shown by my parents during my formative years had a profound impact on my career choice, besides I was also lucky to live out of a suitcase which helped me to imbibe the social norms and values of different cultures and countries.

It was while working in England that my dream of combining interior design with mentoring started to come to fruition. As the new millennium approached, I graduated with a B.A. in International Relations and fancied a fresh challenge, so I moved to London and started to work in the office of a luxury home store.

While it was a well-known household brand, I felt the office atmosphere was cluttered and chaotic and not conducive for work, so I plucked up the courage to approach the COO with a design plan. The response was surprising as I was given a free hand to revamp the interiors.

In came swanky chairs, tables, pods, and air conditioning, and I also added a sparkle to the hues and tones of the walls. The results were instantaneous, as beaming smiles were coming from every corner, and it sent productivity levels through the roof.

In 2004, I moved back to the US and started to work in the show business industry. The glitz and glamour was exciting, but I felt it was taking me away from my life calling. So after nine months, I quit to re-align with my goals.

With the assistance of a friend who was helping me to polish my CV, I found a new opportunity on Craig’s List, as an interior designer. I joined Mark Cutler Design, where I got a thorough grounding in the industry.

I later worked at Amy DeVault Interior Design and went onto graduate with a Masters in Interior Architecture from UCLA. After ten years of collecting valuable experience within the industry, I now had the formal education to break out on my own.

Since setting up my business over six years ago, I have been committed to coach women and families in the US, to help better their lives. I make them realize that while new furnishings are an excellent addition, they are not necessary to boost self-confidence.

What is necessary is to design the life you want to live inside that home, and this requires a redesign of your thoughts, your relationships to space, and to be clear on what you want. I believe it can happen for anyone who is willing to change their attitude and how they view their home dynamics.

The Ashleigh Underwood Design Difference

I combine cleaning and tidying with mindset mastery to improve the mood of my clients and the environment of their homes. This transformation takes place over a ninety-day period, where significant benefits are achieved.

The program includes ten sessions with me and six sessions with Cena, an organizational specialist that will guide you through the Super Soul Space blueprint, where a review of your home is undertaken, and a plan will be created to go from chaos to harmony.

I am proud of Cena, who is fantastic at his job and mainly works with my clients on organization, clutter, and routines as so many people stumble in this area. They are also made to realize that to move forward; we must first clean up the past.

Through my humble endeavor, I want my clients to win every day at being the greatest mom, spouse, lover, and women that they were made to be. I don’t think that anyone is teaching transformation, design, and lifestyle in this particular way.

I know this method creates abundance, love, and health in life, as I have been through similar experiences personally. I have also gone through the process of organization, design, mindset work, and spirituality hundreds of times with clients and have refined my methodology.

In the future, I dream of writing a book on my profession so that I can have an even more significant impact on the world. Happy thriving families create happy thriving people, and they go out into the world and create joy and positivity, which we dearly lack in today’s age. A home is just a tool, one which we can use to our advantage to create ourselves within or one that can be easily ignored, and then we lose out on the possibilities it has to offer.

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