A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating Your Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating Your Home

By Ashleigh Underwood Design |

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If you're considering renovating your home, it's also an opportune time to bring in a professional to design the interiors of your home to create a space you love. An interior designer can help you decide what elements and rooms would be ideal for a renovation, and ensure that your living space is a thorough reflection of your personality and style once the renovation is complete. For the spaces that you can't renovate, a professional can help you make a few adjustments so there is a cohesive flow through the home and each room is stylish yet functional.

When planning a home renovation, there are many factors to consider. Scheduling, timelines, budget, and style all play an important role throughout a renovation. With so many elements to coordinate, it's best to create a plan ahead of time to ensure the process runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. To help you get started creating your successful home design, Ashleigh Underwood Design has outlined a Beginner’s Guide to renovating your home. Through this guide, I want to help you take the first steps towards a successful home renovation.

Getting Started

Create a plan: To get the best results, you have to strategize and plan ahead of time. Following a checklist will help you take into account the entire scope of renovation, right from the number of rooms that need remodeling to the approximate cost it all involves. A plan will give you an idea of what is required and what isn’t. More importantly, it prevents you from missing out on vital details.

Set a timeframe and budget: No matter how large or small your project may be, it is essential to recognize the amount of time, resources and knowledge required to pull off a renovation. In addition to keeping your project on track, you also need to allocate a reasonable amount of money to the project to ensure that you can afford the changes being made to your home. One way around any last minute financial hiccups is by deciding on a budget and sticking to it.

Consider hiring a professional: If you’re not going down the DIY route, an interior designer will help you renovate your home after assessing your requirements. Based on your budget and timeframe, they will design a space that reflects your personality and style, while ensuring it fits your lifestyle.

If you are meeting a potential designer, it helps to show them a few inspiration images, so that they have a clear understanding of your style or end goal.  

Next Steps

Interview several candidates: You need to find an interior designer who has not only the necessary qualifications but also the personality and work style that fits your requirements. This may mean scheduling appointments with many interior designers to find the right professional for you. Depending on the size of your renovation, you may be working with an interior designer for many months so you want to hire someone you enjoy working with and can easily communicate with. 

Work with an experienced professional: When it comes to choosing an interior designer, it's not only important to hire a qualified professional, but also appreciate their design style. There are many different styles of interior design and it may be beneficial to work with someone who has experience creating homes you admire.

An interior designer has technical and design knowledge that enhance not only the aesthetics of a room but also its functionality. They play around with different furnishings, fabrics, colors, textures, lighting, etc. to create a more enriching and enjoyable home experience. By working with a professional designer, you can steer clear of making mistakes that may end up costing you a lot of time and money. Keep in mind that renovations are often lengthy and stressful, so building a long-term relationship with the designer will benefit you.

Advice From The Pros

Hiring a profession can set your mind at ease: Even if you can perform the renovation task on your own, in the long-run, the expertise of a professional ensures the renovation is smooth and completed on time, within budget. Avoid settling for a designer or any professional that is inexpensive; they may offer limited services or even damage your property.

Avoid consulting contractors for design advice: Please do not make the mistake of hiring contractors who think they can carry out your design work or sell materials such as tile, lighting or cabinetry. You will realize that working with a professional designer will give you better prices and options as well as a more tailored look.

Consider hiring more than one professional: In some cases, when you are selecting a hard surface or measuring the height of a room, you may need to consult an architect. For a renovation to be completed immediately and more efficiently, a designer and architect may need to work concurrently. Be open to the possibility of hiring more than one professional.

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