Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home To Start Now

Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home To Start Now

By Ashleigh Underwood Design |

Interior Design Santa Monica

Each New Year brings with it endless possibilities and another chance to start over. This year, vow to not only make resolutions to improve yourself but also your home.

At Ashleigh Underwood Design, I believe by following a few simple home improvement tasks, you will not only increase the value of your home and enhance its appeal, but also organize your life. To maximize efficiency and make the most of 2019, here are five New Year’s resolutions I recommend for your home.

Tip #1: De-clutter your home.

If you want to accomplish some of your New Year’s goals, you need to have a tidy, organized, and clutter-free environment. By eliminating unwanted or unusable items from your home or office, you free yourself of distractions and make room for more productive tasks. To stay motivated and driven towards your goals, make de-cluttering a habit!

Tip #2: Organize a specific space.

It can be a constant struggle to keep your home clean, especially if you are doing it alone. The trick is to focus on one room, and gradually work your way around other areas. For each room, plan ahead of time what you want to keep and throw away.

Tip #3: Preserve holiday decorations.

While it is important to put away decorations early, it is essential to store them correctly to keep them bright and fresh for years to come. By storing holiday decorations in identifiable containers or boxes, it will be easier to find and use them for the next holiday season.

Tip #4: Tackle home maintenance projects.

If you’ve been delaying home maintenance projects, it could put you and your home at financial risk. To ensure your home is in a livable and safe condition, make a list of tasks you have to undertake this year. It could be replacing a window, checking your HVAC system, cleaning your gutter, etc. If tasks are beyond your area of expertise, consider professional assistance.

Tip #5: Plan that dreamy room renovation.

For a renovation to be successful, your primary aim should be to plan the entire process. Often, homeowners employ interior designers to bring their vision to life. These professionals use their knowledge of architecture, product design, appearance, building codes, etc., to design a cohesive space, which also caters to your requirements and budget.

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